Welcome to Mammazine!

Welcome to the latest issue of the magazine Mammazine, where you can find among other things, the stories of three women. What they have in common is that all three women are divorced. The article has my legal and psychological comments.

Choosing a life partner we should consider and understand what does LOVE means to us. Is it an infatuation? A holiday fun? Fascination? Habit? Intimacy? Or maybe the greatest commitment…?

I am not a supporter of divorces. However, I believe that the mature attempt to rescue the marriage is required to take a mature decision about the divorce. Because divorce is always a kind of failure… On the other hand, ita happens sometimes in life that the divorce it is the only reasonable solution. What is important is to remember it’s that after the divorce there is also LIFE. Sometimes even, in many respects, so much better then previous one…

Welcome to the spring edition of Mammazine! <3

Mammazine is an online magazine for moms. There is also the opportunity to spend time with it offline – You can download a PDF version on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop and enjoy reading it offline (unfortunatelly only in polish version).



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