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Today it was supposed to be FINALLY my third day during my whole trip (not including Bali) where FINALLY I will rest. I just need rest. For how long can you run after something? Here you can see this, there you can see that, you get up at 4 am to go somewhere because you do not know if you will return there someday. And I still have this feeling that i shouldn’t sleep so much. I can sleep later, in the coffin (my former travelling motto). And what?
And so I am somewhere in the east of Australia, somewhere near the area of ​​the island which is in on the attached photo. I wanted to write something about this mythical Australian paradise, about Melbourne where I was, about the fact that the world is made up of a million impressions, about a lonely traveling, about ideal worlds and even about Vegemite which I hate… And what? And I’m so sleepy and so tired that because of it all I can not even sleep… 🙁 And even if I wanted to sleep there is in my room a group of twenty people playing cards and drinking gallons of alcohol … (!!!) All in all, even if I wanted to join them I would have to spend a week’s amount of my money on the Australian alcohol to get drunk. And I came here to rest… Welcome to reality …
I’M TIRED. NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPY. I HAVE A CRISIS! I TO MISS HOME !!! I MISS MY BOYFRIEND SOOOO MUCH!!! Scandal!!!!! It supposed to be different! More rationally, without emotions! Just scandal !!! Helllppppppppppppp !!!!

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