„No worries mate!” ;)

I’m coming back to the world of alive people after four days in the Australian bush. In this case it means that: 1) I can finally take a shower, 2) there are NO flies and NO worms around me, 3) I will sleep today in bed or at least I hope so, 4) I have wifi.
I like such „adventures” but not too long ones… 😉 What I like the most of them is this ability to run away from everyday life. Run away from people, from tons of unnecessary information and from this noise of civilization… And I love sleeping under the stars… And this „peace of mind” state.

Most Australians do not travel too often. The average Australian reaches only Bali. Of course not all…. This is a hudge generalization. A lot of them travel for few weeks or months tp US or Europe. I have been speaking with many of Australian people and almost none of them has ever seen what I’ve seen so far…

My travel guides in Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta, which you can see in the photos, were Tom & Dale – typical Australians ie. Aussie (pronounced as Ozi). Relaxed, easy going people. I like their’s „No worries mate” state of mind 🙂

Enjoy my gallery! 🙂

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