It’s my birthday today…

Today it’s my birthday. Thirty something… A year ago my friends organized me the most wonderful in the world surprise birthday party. Two years ago I celebrated my birthday in Chicago. Three years ago … Three years ago I do not even remember what happened (apparently my memory begins to fail…). However, it’s time for reflections and summaries. So I ask myself a simple question: what am I doing with my life? Instead of sitting at home or working from 08:00 to 04:00 or raising the children (there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that – I can even change life with someone…), I’m exploring in the against-flies-net (because here are A LOT OF flies) a hudge stone (OK, it’s Uluru – sacred Aboriginal rock) in the temperature of 38 degrees (at least it’s good that i’s not January now because in January there is a 53 degrees…), in the middle of Australia (I sleep in a sleeping bag under the open sky in the middle of the bush in the company of German tourists and the local animals and insects) and I am convinced that I my dreams are coming true (?!?). And for all this DREAMS I spend TOO MUCH money (!!!) … Scandal! It’s lack of seriousness and respect for Polish culture and tradition. I want a husband, children and NORMAL (whatever that word normal means…) work! And all this is not funny! It’s a real disaster!!! 😉

PS to be honest, this Uluru is really awesome 🙂

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