How does a typical travelgirl’s day look like?

How does a typical travelgirl’s day look like?

1) A Typical travelgirl wakes up between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. There is no time for a nap because she is always in a hurry. Because of travel agent waiting for her, either a bus or a plane, or someone who she does not know (friend of friend) and with whom she makes an appointment somewhere in the city center. Typical traveler takes a shower in maximum 3 minutes, doesn’t remember what make-up means, doesn’t use a hair dryer and wears comfortable clothes only!

2) A Typical travelgirl at the beginning wants to see as much as possible. In order to do that she runs. Everywhere. As much as she can. She wants everything! Here and now! As soon as possible! She knows that maybe there will not be any second time. She forgets that such fast traveling is associated with increasingly thinner wallet … Whenever her credit card or wallet is thinner she changes her way of rhinking to this one: „why so fast? Slower! No one is chasing you”… Her wallet and credit card in this case are happier 🙂 For a while…

3) A Typical travelgirl doesn’t plan so much. To be honest she doesn’t plan anything… She just has her tickets for a flights and she knows that she must organise everything in order to catch her plane. OK, it happens to her that she oversleeps (I overslept for a plane ONLY once in my life and it was ONLY two years ago!), sometimes confuses days of flights (I made this it ONLY and it was three years ago!) either confuses the airports (…no comments…), but it does not change the fact that she is usually very well organized. Oh yes! Good logistics is the key of good trip! 🙂

4) A Typical travelgirl does not know much about the places she visits. In the end, she’s gonna know it when she reaches the place. Thanks to the fact that she doesn’t have any expectations, she is always happy 🙂 Being spontaneous is what she likes the most. She loves to be guided by local people who show her the world from their own perspective. This is the best way of sightseeing!

5) A Typical travelgirl ALWAYS is in rush! She is busy from morning to the evening. She sleeps in trains, buses and planes to save some energy, and in the evenings is not willing to go for the parties (to see why check the first sentence of the first point). From time to time she works. To be honest, she works every day… She falls asleep in two minutes, like a child with the hope that „tomorrow she will definitely slow down”…

6) A Typical travelgirl sometimes doesn’t have time to write something for her blog… And when she finally writes something, then she has problem with wifi connection…

7) A Typical travelgirl does not know what does the fear mean. She is not afraid of anything. She takes all occasions. Blends into the surroundings and slowly feels that she becomes like it. She grabs a local accent, eats and tries everything (even the Vegemite flavor ice cream…). She goes with the flow. Relaxed. She feels free, she smiles a lot (except of the circumstances described in the first sentence of the first point) and she feels happy (except for cases when she goes to the wrong airport, and other similar as described in the third point) even if she misses people and home a lot VEEEERYYYYY). She does all this in order to experience as much as possible in life, that squeezed from life everything she can, to be sure that she feels everything she has already wanted. Why does it all?
Because the typical world travelgirl knows that what she will experience in her life here and now no one and nothing will take away from her! Amen!

P.S. Typical travelgirls sometimes is sad because she couln’t make a video of a beautiful gigantic fishes in The Great Coral Reef because her gopro camera is broken… 🙁

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