Traveler, psychologist, lawyer. Admirer of Italy and fan of new technologies. Feminist. She has visited 70 countries and it is not enough yet. Healthy selfish, consciously dependent on others. Someone who always helps. Who likes to discover the world again and again. She likes variety. Constantly chasing after something. She is passionate about any kind of knowledge. Trying to combine emotions with reason (though she rarely manages to do so…).

Unfulfilled teacher with a deep need for the popularization of psychological knowledge. A fan of dogs (which she does not have), motorcycles (which she has) and peace of mind (which probably she will never have). Apparently not afraid of anything. She takes care of her freedom and happiness. She loves conscious people, building good relationships, valuing transparent communication. She admires strong women. She wants the world to be simple. If she could she would learn to fly. She dreams to reach the state of perfect balance. She smiles a lot. She loves giving and taking, especially love ❤️


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