Eat Pray Love

People say defferently about Bali. There are those who love it, there are those who hate it and there are those who see it more colorful. So as with everything – as many types of people as many types of opinions. You have to go by yourself to have your own.
However, I recommend Bali. For sure it is a touristic island. Many foreigners come to visit it – starting from the Australians, then Chinese, Europeans and the Americans on the ending. Prices are adjusted especially to the first and last. It is quite expensive here, but not tooo much. As one English girl, who has been living here for years and warking in travelling business, „Bali is easy.” Easy because everything is close – the store is close and beautiful beaches, and tourist from whome it is easy to earn.
In Bali, as everywhere, you can stay for the whole holidays in a hotel but then you will not see the truth. Dirt and poverty exist here and probably will be here for a long time. As you do not want to look at it you shouldn’t rather go to Bali. But you must remember that in this case you lose the possibility of contact with cool, smiling, open minded and good people who are plenty here. Not going to Bali means not tasting meditation, morning yoga, blissful massages. You will not see these beautiful coral reefs, vegetated mountains, thousand monkeys, million temples or people who pray on the beach. You will never know the Balinese inner peace or balance that can be achieved here apparently only through love …
And if you can not be in Bali at this moment I reccomend you (apart from seeing my pictures on Instagram 😉 to look for the island through the eyes of Julia Roberts in the movie „Eat Pray Love”. It’s definitely worth it 🙂

PS Forgive me my week of silence on the blog. Facebook and instagram will explain everything to you …;)

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