About the Australian night sky and other first impressions…

I like to look at the Australian sky during the night. Because it is FULL of stars. You can see here the Southern Cross – the smallest constellation in the sky, but situated on the brightest part of the Milky Way. It has number of bright stars. It’s not visible in Europe. Apart from the sky you can see the Southern Cross only on the Australian flag 😉 It is emotional, mystical and patriotic symbol of many nations in the southern hemisphere.
This is Australian night sky. However, I like to look at the Australian sky during the day too. Especially because there is always sun. Sunsets and sunrises are very quick. It rains very rarely. Clouds are uncommon. At least in Perth, because that’s where I am now.

I have always connected in my minds Australia with totally relaxed, cool, free people. And such people mostly live here. They do not get angry every day because they don’t need to do so. Their’s lives are much easier. They have money, they have what to eat, what to drink, where to live. Everything in a high standard. You can not see poverty here. People are equal.
Australia is very expensive (except for gasoline, which costs approx. 2,7 zł per liter). People who live here earn very good money as employees. As employers they work hard but with very good results.

Australia is safe. Self-sufficient economically. In the event of a possible war (no one expects even in distant future) it is able to be independent economically.

People are different here. Really different. And it is beautiful! On the streets there are plenty of Australian Indians, Chinese, Poles and other immigrants who have been staying longer or shorter here. Clean, rich, well-maintained. You look at them and see People. You see a man who has his dignity. Who emigrated from their country to Australia in order to have better life. And thanks to that the next generations can have better life too. And it happens. They have better lifes.
What they all have in common is this beautiful Australian accent. Only the accent can help you to recognize if he or she is Australian. About 95% of children at schools is at least bilingual, which means that he or she knows the Australian English and the language of his or her family, who arrived here years ago.

Ofcourse when I use such words as ALL OF THEM, ALWAYS, NOBODY I do simplify. I know that this are some generalizations. But I do it consciously in order to describe the general atmosphere of this place. Atmosphere of completely natural diversity. Atmosphere of not worrying too much. The atmosphere of respecting all the people.

People here do not need to be worry about loosing their jobs, about bills, about money – if they can afford vacation or not. If not they can easily find job, which will not be humiliating and thanks to which you can live on an average economic level, as a typical, NORMAL man.

In Australia people don’t have problems with equality. Here people are equal and it is something which is OBVIOUS. Issues of interest to politicians are: the environment, global warming, drought and fires – the problems of higher needs. Of course, these higher needs become problems when the lower – the basic problems are appeased. And in Australia they are.

Distance may become a problem here in certain situations. If you have ever used before the word „far” to determine the distance, after visiting Australia you will find another meaning of this word. For example – to pass from the north end of Perth to the south you have to ride a distance similar to one that is between Olsztyn and Gdansk … Is it „far”? It depends 🙂 For sure it will be „far” when you get sick in the middle of Australia, and the nearest doctor will be able to visit you „in 500 kilometers”…
The same with the word „big”. The state of Western Australia, which covers almost one third of the continent, is seventeen times larger then Poland … Is it „big”? You need to answer this question on your own 🙂
I’m going to bed now because tomorrow I’m going to the north to connect with the nature. Fortunately, this is not so far… 😉

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