I love traveling. Not only in the meaning of exploring new countries. In my opinion traveling is learning about different cultures and ways of thinking: other worlds, other people, other ways of seeing life. I don’t want to travel in a naive way. I prefer the conscious way. I’m curious about different tastes, I like smelling unknown things, hearing previously unheard, touching new things. I want to experience more, see more and know more about the world, about myself, about others. Knowing where the world is part of me, what is mine and what is not. I like meeting new cultures, experiencing diversity and sharing it. I’m going to a „short”, three-month trip around the world. I wanted it to fulfill my childhood dream and I would like to share it. This is why, among other reasons, I’ve decided to give life to this blog. Everyone who decides to get in my backpack and watch what happens during my trip, can read the „Traveling” section.

It happened in my life that I am a lawyer. It was a free but not entirely conscious choice. By „cutting off” all other possibilities, following someone who was at that time important to me, I went through the entire path of legal education which then allowed me to practice this profession. Theoretical law, as itself, usually bores me. Frankly, I do not have the habit of reading law codes before going to sleep (unless in order to fall asleep quickly …). Putting law in practice makes law much more interesting! It’s about emotions, human dramas, the way in which to approach the judge, the relationship with the customer, money, stress, responsibility, difficult negotiations, incomprehensible sentences and „fighting” with arguments. This world is definitely not boring. I share my own experience and subjective way of looking at this world in the „Law” section. Moreover, this section has been created also for educational purposes, i.e. to share knowledge about law.

While I was studying law, more or less consciously, I began also to study psychology. So I graduated psychology too with very good results and I was studying this subject with pleasure. Formally, I am also a psychologist. This means that during my studies, I have learnd about mechanisms and process of people behaviour, I learned to call this mechanism and process and tidy them up. This does not mean that I’m a psychotherapist. I don’t have knowledge (and even practice) in helping people with their mental health problems. I can (although not always) recognize and understand their problems, describe the mechanism of action, but I cannot put in practice the therapeutic process. I am writing this because it happens often that people confuse a psychologist with a therapist. As a psychologist, I focus on describing the important events in life and try to (with better or worse result…) understand and explain why people do what they do. I share this in the „Psychology” section.

iMałgo – made by „I” in English and „Małgo”, the short version standing for „Margaret”.

This blog is the sum of my life experience – read books, meetings and conversations with people, learning about different cultures and thoughts – which I want to share. It can be useful (I hope) also to make more popular some fundamentals of psychology and basics in law. However, presented through my very, very subjective interpretation.

I invite you to travel with iMałgo!

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